Services Available with the Maestro


candle-heart-handsYou can choose to experience one or several sessions, depending on where you are and what suits your needs in this moment.  

(Multiple bookings earn up to 25% discount)

For the “New and Nervous” choose Introductory Sessions

Intro 1:  When you feel very nervous, sensitive, need to talk, & have a deep mistrust of men.  Use this session to talk to connect, to share your history, hopes, dreams and fears…and to build more trust. May be face-to-face or by phone/Skype.

60 minutes – Free (Limit one session per client)





Intro 2:  When you feel nervous, yet are ready to act. This session includes the experience of physical connection, having your face stroked, your neck and shoulders massaged. By establishing safe physical connection, you practice sharing feelings, giving feedback, and building more trust.

60 minutes – $100





For the “Nervous & Ready” choose Intermediate Sessions:                          

Massage 3: Relaxation massage with a blend of soft and firm strokes, acupressure points, and circular breathing. Ask for what your body wants and needs. Open your body to the flow of energy, release static energy points. Honouring, respecting and appreciating your body with an optional taste of sensuality to titillate the senses.

90 minutes – $120





PowerBreathing 4: TransformBreathing™ is a guided breathing/meditation technique incorporating the Full-Wave Breath™ created to bring balance and healing to body, mind and spirit.  Full Wave Breathing, has a focus on intention, a philosophy of wholeness and total acceptance.  For many this is a truly unbelievable energetic experience.

90 minutes – $120





For the “Tantric Ready” choose Deepening Sessions:

Tantric Bodywork 5: A healing body work session blended with the expansive power of your breath, to assist you to release physical/emotional/sexual blockages, open your heart, and experience more joy. Reclaim your feeling nature, sensuality, sexuality and radiance.

75 minutes – $200





Tantric Massage 6: Sensual/tantric pleasure, created for you to experience orgasmic ecstasy in full body pleasuring sessions in a safe and nurturing environment.  Raise your spiritual-emotional vibration and experience bliss, joy, intimacy and oneness with the masculine.

90 minutes – $250






You may choose to experience sessions listed in any order depending on your personal needs and level of awareness. We respect your choice and, if you are experiencing any uncertainty, we strongly recommend that you discuss suitability with your provider.


Pre-requisites are put in place to demonstrate due diligence on our part. And to ensure your interests are considered.  For women on emotional/sexual healing journeys we recommend that each step be taken with due consideration for the content of that step.

I invite you to contact me via skype or through the contact form below.

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