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Safety, Sensitivity and Discretion


What Women Say

As a young woman I was fascinated with the concept of spiritual husbandry. As an older woman I came to realise that I was deeply starved for what seemed like true ‘husbandry’. I believe the world needs custodians, I believe women need to feel what it is like to be loved and cherished as women by our fathers, to be cherished and protected by our husbands, and to feel a real man around us.  I think that men haven’t been allowed to be who they truly are. And it takes a level of self inquiry and dedication to come back to one’s true self as a man and as a woman.

What Maestro demonstrates to me are the qualities that represent to me what husbanding of the planet and a woman is. He demonstrates tangibly what an amazing father-figure is – to enjoy the experience of being truly loved and honoured and held by the father is a deep gift. Women are often starved of this once they reach puberty because it is arkward and our fathers didn’t know how to react to our beauty and our sexuality.

He thinks and feels deeply, he is mindful in his presence to do no harm and his intention is to cultivate the best possible experience for all concerned.

If you wish to experience even just a little bit of what being husbanded or fathered feels like – I would suggest you contact Maestro.

Liana Gailand, December 2015


I have had several Tantric sessions with Maestro.  Every session was a powerful opportunity for healing.

My experience of Maestro is that he set clear boundaries, is trustworthy and creates a safe environment. I explored and felt my deepest feelings…so many of which I had kept suppressed for years.

Maestro promotes sexual healing and wholeness through his wisdom, depth and gentleness.

If this resonates with you I would not hesitate to contact him.

G F. Sydney Feb 2016


I really enjoyed the Tantra massage that Maestro gave me. He released some emotional “stuff” that needed to go, and then I had an energy orgasm when he drew energy from my neck and throat.

He helped me release lots more energy from other parts of my body, then he breathed the wind into me and I couldn’t get enough.

I felt very relaxed afterwards – like jelly, just wanting to blob on the lounge!

Maestro, I felt your presence very strong, very present with me and your energy in me and around me, protecting me. Thank you very much.”

Ally, July 2015


Many words spring to my mind when recalling my Bondassage session with Maestro and at the top of the list for me is that I felt safe, I felt respected and therefore I was able to surrender to the sensations that I experienced.

I felt free to savour the luxury of having the loving sensual touch and caresses of a complete stranger without in anyway feeling embarrassed or inhibited.

Maestro skilfully and lovingly massaged my body and it was wonderful to surrender to the tactile sensations as my body danced and rejoiced under his caresses. Maestro’s hands felt nurturing and gentle, but at the same time commanding as he honoured my body, making me feel like a sexual Goddess.

At all times I felt safe and respected as a woman and I was fascinated to acknowledge that loving healing and nurturing touch is so powerful and is so powerful and so deliciously received if one is willing to trust and to surrender to the moment.

I would recommend Maestro to any person wanting to enhance and explore their sexuality and let their body receive healing and sensual touch in a safe nurturing environment.

As a woman I felt completely honoured as an ageless sexual sensual Goddess.

Thank you Maestro!

Julie Crow, (70 years) June 2014


“I first chose to experience a massage session from Maestro when we were both participants in a Tantra Training workshop in 2012. I received a sensual/erotic massage from him as part of the training.

I was immediately impressed by his quiet strength, his respectful manner, and his intuitive understanding of a woman’s need to be and to feel safe. Thoughtful and calm, he made sure that he was clear about what I wanted and what I did not want.

The massage was wonderful, delicious and healing. As he took me deeper and deeper into ecstasy, he always checked in with me. It felt so appropriate for a first tantric encounter.

I have since had further amazing experiences with this man. I would have no hesitation in recommending any women enjoy the services offered by this man.”

M in Melbourne, 2012